Reflexão e práticas para prevenção da violência baseada em gênero

Considerations and practices for preventing gender-based violence

Centro de Servicios Educativos en Salud y Medio Ambiente (Cesesma)

Throughout its trajectory, Cesesma has compiled practices and  methodologies to work alongside children and adolescents in promoting mindset and behavior changes in connection to gender-based violence.

The organization, which operates in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, guides its educational processes with a rights-based approach founded on notions of vulnerability to violence, power dynamics, gender stereotypes, gender inequality, and sexual abuse.

The activities are always carried out with the participation of children and adolescents, because exercising this right strengthens their convictions and prevents situations of violence and the violation of their rights from taking place.

Cesesma sugiere técnicas para utilizar en actividades con niñas, niños y mujeres y hombres adolescentes en la prevención de la violencia de género. La publicación propone pistas metodológicas para trabajar de manera participativa con niñas y niños entre 8 y 12 años.

Guía de reflexión-acción sobre la igualdad de género con niños y niñas

In this guide, Cesesma suggests activities with which to engage in children and adolescents in order to prevent gender-based violence. The publication suggests participatory methods aimed at children between 8 and 12 years of age, with the purpose of instilling empathy, encouraging reflection, stimulating behavioral change, and disseminating knowledge that prevents situations of risk or violence.

The document introduces concepts about generational violence, gender-based violence, sexual abuse, gender inequality, among others.