Political Participation Teenage Youth

Right to political participation for children, teenagers and young people

Interpaz Regional Project

The publications of Interpaz cover issues on gender equality, culture of peace, violence prevention, and safeguarding the rights of children and youth from the perspectives of partner organizations and children, adolescents, and young people from the four countries that are part of the initiative: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Publicação sobre direito à participação de adolescentes e jovens

Participation is necessary. And it´s your right!

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child establishes that children and teenagers have the right to express their point of view and participate in all issues that affect them.

Furthermore, exercising the right to participation is important to develop communication skills, individual and collective abilities for conflict resolution, citizenship, self-protection and equitable relationships with adults.

This publication is an invitation to reflect on the importance of ensuring effective spaces for participation, to learn about some experiences in Latin America, and to reclaim that children and young people have a voice and influence in issues that affect them as well as in issues that have the potential to build societies with freedom, respect and rights for all.