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Internet safety for children, adolescents and young people

Interpaz Regional Project

The publications of Interpaz cover issues on gender equality, culture of peace, violence prevention, and safeguarding the rights of children and youth from the perspectives of partner organizations and children, adolescents, and young people from the four countries that are part of the initiative: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Capa da publicação "Internet: com seus direitos e segurança não se brinca

Internet: Your rights and safety are no joke!

Teenagers and young people around the world use the Internet every day to work, study, be informed, date and make friends. They are not only a significant part of the group of connected people, but they are also the most vulnerable. While browsing, they’re exposed to risks and harm in the virtual world, such as situations of harassment, sexual abuse, discrimination, and scams, among others.

This guide is an invitation to make the Internet a safe place where children and teenagers can use the web freely, with respect, and with their rights guaranteed. The publication gathers information, tips, activities and concrete examples to be free of threats and to help guide other people on this path.