Guía: cultura de paz con equidad de género en America Latina

Culture of peace with gender equity in Latin America

Interpaz Regional Project

The publications of Interpaz cover issues on gender equality, culture of peace, violence prevention, and safeguarding the rights of children and youth from the perspectives of partner organizations and children, adolescents, and young people from the four countries that are part of the initiative: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Cómo se come la cultura de paz es una experiencia desarrollada por el Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen, en el Interpaz. En esa imagen se ve la portada del Guia con teoria y práctica desarrollado por el proyecto regional, que contempla actividades en Brasil, Colombia, Nicaragua y El Salvador.

Culture of peace with gender equity in Latin America: Theoretical and practical guide

The material synthesizes conceptual frameworks about the culture of peace and gender equity based on the methodologies and experiences supported by Interpaz Regional Project.

The guide highlights the contexts that mark Latin America and presents a glossary, suggestions of activities and reflections made by the organizations and the children, teenagers and young people participating in the initiative.

Its objective is to contribute to the prevention of violence and to ensure the rights of children and youth, serving as support for social educators, community agents, representatives from civil society, teachers and other professionals from the formal and informal systems of education working with this public.