Culture Peace toolkit

Culture of Peace Toolkit: Methodologies to support the prevention of violence

Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen

Since 2014, the Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen (MUPI), working in El Salvador, has been promoting projects related to the themes of historical memory and the promotion of a culture of peace. MUPI has been elaborating participatory methodologies aimed at educators — as well as children, teenagers and young people —, seeking to create safe spaces and promote non-violent conflict resolution in educational environments and other spaces.

In its work, MUPI saw the need to develop a training program aimed at educators and teachers to give them tools and knowledge that would allow them to approach topics of culture of peace and human rights with students, thus contributing to the establishment of relationships based on respect, solidarity and peaceful coexistence.

Portada del manual teorico Se Auténtico No Violento como resolver conflictos pacificamente

Culture of Peace Toolkit

In the scope of Interpaz, MUPI developed the Culture of Peace Toolkit, which contains one comic book and two manuals, one theoretical and another practical, that can be utilized to approach issues of gender violence, gender inequality, sexual abuse, harassment and cyberbullying in classes and workshops. 

The theoretical manual includes basic concepts so that educators can learn about each topic with bibliographic references.

Portada del manual practico Se Auténtico No Violento como resolver conflictos pacificamente

Practical manual: a step-by-step about how to introduce these issues, conduct the
reflection and conclude the activity, allowing children and teenagers to learn what
to do if they have a similar experience. It includes attachments that can be used in activities.

Comic que integra la Caja de Herramientas de Cultura de Paz

Comic book: “Las nuevas aventuras de Papui, Dragui y Algomás” [The new adventures
of Papui, Dragui and Algomás] contains three stories that tell the experiences of
children and teenagers affected by different kinds of violence in a country from
Central America. Their stories address violence against girls and teenage girls,
sexual abuse in childhood and cyberbullying, seeking to help children and teenagers
become informed and know how to act in different situations of violence, exercising
their rights.

Activity sheets: methodologies to support the implementation of creative workshops
with children, teenagers and young people, as well as the creation of spaces free
of violence in schools, through the teaching of four artistic modalities: photography, “batucada”,  music and serigraphy.