Popular school gender sociopolitical education

Training for social change: the “Escuela Popular de Género y Formación Sociopolítica” strategy

Corporación Amiga Joven

The Escuela Popular de Género y Formación Sociopolítica [Grassroots Gender School and Socio-political Training], maintained by Corporación Amiga Joven in Colombia, began with a gathering of young women from different neighborhoods of Medellín, all of which were marked by issues related to gender-based violence and violation of rights. In 2015, the initiative started to receive financial support, which allowed its consolidation in the headquarters of Amiga Joven as a space dedicated to training for peace with gender justice aimed at three groups: young women; adult women, many of whom are mothers of the young women; and, since 2017, young men, that participate in a group about non-hegemonic masculinities.

The School develops pedagogical processes inspired by popular education for the promotion of rights, prevention of gender-based violence, training of leadership and incentives for citizenship participation and political advocacy. The formative processes seek to reaffirm the participants as subjects of rights, encouraging them to contribute to the transformation of their families and communities.

Portada de la publicación Escuela Popular de Género y Formación Sociopolítica - Semillas de difusión para la transformación social

Grassroots Gender School and Socio-political Training: Propagation seeds for social change

In this document, Amiga Joven systematizes the experiences of training groups of young women and groups for non-hegemonic masculinities.

Among the strategies applied to approach the concepts in an experiential way, the School uses the Theather of the Oppressed, audiovisual materials, analyses of children’s songs, poems, drawings, and rituals, among other resources that encourage the participants to express themselves and share their experiences. In this publication, Amiga Joven systematizes the trajectory of the organization and the implementation of the Escuela Popular de Género y Formación Sociopolítica.