Manual Peacebuilding Gender Justice

Formative processes for the promotion of peace with gender justice

Corporación Amiga Joven

Corporación Amiga Joven began its work in 1996, in the Commune 4 of Medellín, having an impact in some cities and municipalities of Antioquia, Colombia. The “Escuela Popular de Género y Formación Sociopolítica” [Grassroots Gender School and Socio-political Training] was created in 2014 for young and adult women, as well as for groups of young men. The initiative promotes training programs for the development of critical abilities and community work, aiming for sociopolitical formation, the overcoming of sexual and gender-based violence and social transformation.

The Colombian organization has developed pedagogical strategies for peacebuilding with gender justice in the territories, approaching issues with a focus on feminist rights, which has as an objective the training of women, children and teenagers — and young men that are part of a group about non hegemonic masculinities — in issues of equality, social inclusion, culture of peace, leadership, recognition of their own identity and prevention of problems such as: forced recruitment by armed groups, use of psychoactive substances, trafficking of people and sexual violence.

Manual for Peacebuilding with Gender Justice

Elaborated in the scope of this Grassroots Gender School, with the participation of women, men and the non-binary population in the stages of childhood, youth and adulthood, the document presents an exercise of memory about the armed conflict in Colombia, through a creative narrative in the format of a story, that seeks to approach the different impacts of violence from the perspectives of gender and territory, as well as encouraging peacebuilding as an “everyday peace” that includes the needs and battles of children and women.

The objective of this manual is also to serve as a pedagogical tool for any educator or facilitator of social processes whose political commitment is the promotion of peace with gender justice.